Need help for a friend. Domestic abuse, immigration and foreclosure all wrapped up into one.

Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog on Fri, Feb 10, 2012

I received an email today from a friend. Our children go to the same school. I am certainly not qualified to help in many ways, but thought that by putting this out there to you, that someone may know someone who can help, or even maybe someone has been through something similar and can offer support, guidance and suggestions. Too often these stories are reported only AFTER something terrible happens – I would hope that there is something that can be done before that point. Please leave any comments on this blog as Angie will be monitoring them and I will certainly pass along any advice to her as well. Thank you very much.

This is Angie’s story:

Hello! My name is “Angie” Nusrat Anwar Ahmed. I am a victim of domestic abuse! Please consider investigating the details of my case, from the angle of: Immigration laws gone awry, Domestic Abuse Syndrome, Unnecessary Reasons for Foreclosures leads to lower value in community homes, Forgery of papers lead to mortgages given at rates meant only for US citizens, and Human Interest.

I have legally been in the United States for 14 years; I contribute to society, by working as an accountant, paying my taxes, owning 2 homes, and being actively involved in my son’s school PTA.

My husband, my eldest son Danyal (who is 12 and an honors student), and myself hold our citizenship with India. My youngest son, Daryan (who is 8 years old) is a U.S. citizen. My husband has been sponsored by his work Marshall Associations a government contractor, for getting his green card, my son Danyal and I, are on his petition. My husband works as a Chief Financial Officer making over $100K a year plus bonus.

For the past several years (in additional to the physical, mental and emotional abuse, and verbal attacks) my husband has threatened to permanently take our children away from me, by divorcing me, and having me deported. His plans he says, are to keep me from ever seeing our children again.

In order to finance this divorce, he has taken the proceeds from our rental townhome in Montgomery County, and not paid the mortgage on it for the past 15 months. The house is currently in foreclosure, even though the mortgage is $1050.00 (approx.) per month, and he receives $1950.00 amount per month by the renter and HOC combined. I have the statements from the renter as well as the mortgage company to prove this.

The renter, is mother of 3, who herself was a victim of domestic abuse. Through the help of section 8 housing she was able to get away from her abuser, and rent our home. Soon she and her children will be kicked out of the house do to the foreclosure by NationStar mortgage company.

My husband is not always known to do things by the books. I have discovered that the mortgage we hold on our home was refinanced, by my husband Parvez Ahmed, and he forged my signature for a loan which requires the borrower to be a US citizen or permanent citizen. This loan is called Making homes affordable – a federal funded program.

Up until recently, when I became unemployed, I paid the second mortgage on our home in Frederick County, directly to the mortgage company. I have learned that, like the townhouse, my husband has not paid the mortgage on this home in 5 months, even though he has the income and resources to pay it. This home is also in foreclosure. My husband, I suspect is using the funds he saves for the divorce.

As both an accountant and a homeowner, I know that for every house that is foreclosed on, that lowers the value of homes in the adjoining community considerably. Foreclosures are meant for families who are going through hard times. He is clearly abusing the rules and laws of the process.

With no credit, no job and very little resources, my children and I are in eminent danger of losing not only our home, AND our ability to be together. I am in a catch 22. I have been told by my divorce lawyer and that I cannot legally remove my children from the US since my husband has not agreed to it. In addition, my immigration lawyer has informed me that if I leave the home, that my husband can remove me from the green card petition, and have me deported within approximately 30 days, without my children.

I need help and am hoping you can intervene and look into this matter. I have exhausted all local resources, and have almost exhausted all financial resources from my family in India. In desperation I am reaching out to you for some help.

As a woman of domestic abuse, a mother, and a person who is legally in the US, I am caught between the laws. Please consider looking into this further. I can back up everything that I say with proof.

Thank you for your time.


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