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Hey crafty peeps!

This one’s for you!

We’d like to introduce you to this week’s Meet a Mom feature.

Her name is Chris and she owns this neat little craft showcase/sales site called!

It’s a locally based way for artisans to easily get their work in front of interested buyers.

Totally go check it out, right after you get to know Chris a bit! 

Name:  Chris Gresh

Home:  New Market, MD

Owner of:

Meet the family:  Married (25 years this May!), and mom to two youngsters; a tween boy and a teen girl.

Why we love her:  She’s clearly really passionate about what she does.  And, she’s found a cool way to turn her passion into a business specifically designed to help other people.  Gotta love that!

Why she thinks you should check out her site:

Consumers and small store owners are often short on time and so they can’t make it to their favorite craft shows. is an always-available source for unique and special gifts as well as wholesale buying.” Buyers can put items from multiple vendors in one online cart then receive their purchased articles directly from the crafter or artisan.

At malls and big-box stores, everyone is buying identical items. With handmade items, each is made a little differently, so each is an original. And most crafters will customize pieces for customers.

On Getting Inspired to Start a Business

Two years ago I was attending one of my favorite Craft shows( that I finally had time to go to).  I was shopping and walking around enjoying the time with my mother and daughter.  In that one moment something clicked.  How are these small businesses really making money on such unique and incredible talents.  So I sat back and just watched and listened.  Thinking to myself, what could I do to help these small business owners?  About a month later was born.  I wanted to help consumers save time and money by buying unique one of a kind gifts, but also wanted to help Craft Professionals and Artisans show their handmade creations to the world.  Everyone is a small business owner and we support them.  Small Business’s make our nation great.

On Challenges Small Business Owners Face

When you start a business you have ideas and you start putting them into place, but to only find out it really is not the right way.  Owning a site on the Internet is just not putting it up and hoping to have people find it.  There is a lot of behind the scenes things that need to be done.  Just like any career it is all a learning curve.  You have to be flexible and some of your number one ideas now might not work at all.    Getting people to believe in you and trust you.   There are a lot of people that will just take advantage of you so you have to keep on your toes.  If it sounds too good it really is.

What Does She Want Her Kids to Remember About Her?

My strength, how much I enjoy having fun, and my crazy singing!

Have a craft you’d like promoted?

Or looking to buy something handmade?!

Check out and support the local, small business industry!

You can also connect with Chris on Twitter (@craftshowcase) and on the Craftshowcase Facebook page!


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