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I’m not a very crafty person. Ok, I am not a crafty person AT ALL. It’s not that I don’t get ideas or love crafts, but the execution is usually pretty sad. I am very lucky that 2 of my best friends happen to be amazingly creative and crafty, so if I see a picture of something, or get an idea, I know exactly who can make it for me.

It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I am not as creative and artistic as I wish I was. With that said, I have also come to realize that you don’t have to be the most crafty or artistic person to make something super cute and special. I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day, but whenever the day rolls near, I am obsessively looking for ideas to make the day special, ESPECIALLY now that I have kids. The hubby and I have never been huge on big Valentine’s Day, although I do expect him to get me some chocolate, I would never NOT want candy. :)

My oldest daughter’s first Valentine’s Day she was too young to know what was going on, but we had her hold a sign that said, “I LOVE YOU” and took a picture, which then was sent to all the family members. Her second Valentine’s Day she got some heart shaped pancakes and that’s about it. Last year I just let her pick out princess Valentine’s at the store, she decorated them, and we mailed them to family and friends. Of course we also got chocolate.

I don’t know how it happened, but this past year I feel like I have really come into my own definition of being “crafty.” I think a lot of times I was over thinking it, or worrying that my final product wouldn’t be perfect. But somehow, now I am full of ideas for FUN, SIMPLE, and EASY crafts for really any holiday! Pinterest is really a great place for ideas and inspiration. I just designed my girls playroom with ideas from there, my husband and I put it all together, and I have to say I am quite impressed with the outcome. I CAN BE CREATIVE! You might be laughing at me, because you are probably way more crafty and creative than I am. Let’s face it, I am the minority. But if you are like me, do not fear! I have some great ideas for you and your kids that are fun and simple. But the best part in my opinion, is the time and love that you and your kids will be putting into these crafts. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Forget the store bought Valentine’s Day cards that the kids give to each other. Check out these options for making your own Valentine’s. Then let the kid’s take them to school and send them to family! I’m sure no one else will be giving one of these one of a kind cards.

This Button card I found on a blog, which was taken from another blog, it been all over the net. But how cute and simple! Go to your local craft store, get a bunch of different red and pink buttons in different sizes. Grab some simple card stock and trace a heart on each card. Then have your little one glue each button on the card to fill in the heart. After the heart is filled, have them write “I love you” on the card, or write it yourself. Inside the card I would suggest letting your child go to town and decorate it big and loud. :)

This next one is so simple I feel dumb for not thinking of it myself. We ALWAYS have googly eyes in our house. It’s an art box must have! Grab some card stock, cut up some cute little hearts, and glue it all together! SO CUTE!

This one is so fun. Take a picture of your child looking like they are holding something. If you know how, you can just add text to the picture on your own computer, then print at your local photo printer. Or if you don’t want to do the work, you can create cards like this through shutterfly, snapfish, mixbook, ect. The one thing I would change, is putting on a heart shaped lollipop instead. :)

This card is super cute and fun and messy. Guarantee your kids will love making this one. Paint their hands red or pink, and have them put their handprints down on a folded piece of cardstock. Make sure they bend the thumbs just right so that they can create the top of the heart shape nicely. Add some glitter for sparkle. Then use stamps for the middle to create any message you want. :) I am thinking this will be a grandparent’s favorite.

This card my daughter and I just made last night, spur of the moment because we were playing with the candy message hearts. Pretty sloppy, but fun none the less. Paw Paw and Gran are getting this one, and I have no doubt they will love it!

And after you make your cards, don’t forget to decorate the house! There are so many fun ways to decorate, but this is my favorite heart garland. You can make it to hang across the mantel, doorway, or make a few to hand down from the ceiling. Just grab a bunch of different cardstock from the craft store, cut up different hearts, use a hole punch, and string them. Super festive. :)

Now that you have some fun ideas for cards and decorations, don’t forget the actual day! Although I love going out with my hubs on special dates, I think one of my favorite Valentine’s Day was when we stayed home and did fondue. You can get an inexpensive fondue pot at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, ect. All you have to do is get the food. Most grocery stores sell different types of cheese fondue and chocolate. Or, you can find recipes online to make your own! We love using bread, apples, vegetables, marshmallows and any fruit we can dip in the chocolate!

So if your staying in with the kids for Valentine’s Day, you definitely need to try this for a nice change. Even get a cookie cutter and cut up the bread in little hearts to add a nice touch. I know this is what we are doing to celebrate and I can’t wait!

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