Blog Awesome Challenge. Meet Our Experts!

Posted by amandar in Blog on Wed, Feb 29, 2012

After last week’s announcement about the Blog Awesome Challenge an the conference sponsorship an paid internship opportunity we’ve been getting a lot of questions from eager and excited contenders!

Well, just so you know, we’re feeling pretty eager and excite ourselves!

Which is why we’re announcing our weekly awesome blogging leaders!

All of these women are seasoned bloggers who have monetized their sites, been featured in a variety of place, and hail from the DC Metro area!

And, each of them has committee to helping each of you grow your blog, make connections, and come out of this challenge feeling ready to succeed at an internship!

So, why don’t you get to know them?!  After all, they also make up the judging panel for the challenge and will ultimately determine which of you soon-to-be amazing bloggers will be representing Tots2Tweens at Bloggy Boot Camp Philly!

Angie from Seriously A Homemaker.  Angie Archibald is really good at 3 things: procrastinating, self-deprecating, and writing her own short and sweet bios. She is a married to “The Manchild” and a mother to 44 (minus 40) children. Angie, of the Washington DC/ NoVA area, has been blogging for 2 years at She looks forward to the launch of her new blog “Angie in the THICK of It” this Spring, where she will continue to drag her readers through the thick of her self-imposed large-scale house projects, constant struggles to balance her to-do list, and a nonstop stream of sarcasm, nonsense, and really bad poetry.

Amanda from parenting BY dummies.  Dumb Mom is the mom behind the popular humor and parenting blog parenting BY dummies.  Outsmarted by her children daily as she attempts to navigate motherhood, childhood, and everything in between she enjoys sharing her stories of failure and success with you in a humorous, heartfelt, and honest way.   Dumb Mom is not your everyday mom blogger.  She doesn’t craft (not well anyway).  She doesn’t share many healthful dinner alternatives (because she likes bacon, and bacon flavored products).  And, child centered activities are not her forte (although she has come up with some interesting child centered activities designed to keep kids busy while she partakes in adult centered activities).  But, she loves her Dudes like nobody’s business and is making a real go of being a good, okay, a decent mom, despite not being able to match wits with a toddler.  As a blogger and social media-ist (is that a word?) Dumb Mom works for a number of companies promoting their campaigns and upping their overall awesome.  You may have seen her showing off cool products on a local news station or getting a makeover on TLC’s What NOT to Wear.  She totally has cute shoes now!

Jennifer from Hip as I Wannabe.  Jen is a thirty-something mother of two who is working adamantly to hold it together while juggling a career, marriage, life and young boys.  I am a modern DIGITAL GAL living a modern DIGITAL LIFE.  Blogging at her lifestyle blog, Hip as I Wannabe while also starting her own marketing business, Want 2 Grow, working as a mobile journalist for Want 2 Dish, and working to bring women together with her Momz Share events, Jen really does make people wonder how does she do it?!  She’s joined the Blog Awesome Challenge to show us!

Dani from Tots2Tweens.  Dani Gurrie is the founder of Tots2Tweens (yep, this awesome site!), a wife to Ashley and mom to Cooper and Brodie. She spends most of her days trying to find the ultimate kids-related thing that mom’s will love…just to share it with her world.  She works tirelessly behind the scenes of Tots2Tweens to make it the amazing place for local parents.  And, after owning a highly successful parenting site in Australia, she’s also the perfect resource for learning how to take your site from zero to big bucks!

Now, don’t forget the most important part!  You have to join our site so you don’t miss a thing!

And, be sure to join our community while you’re at it so you can be in on all of the discussions coming your way in March!

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About Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is your friendly, neighborhood T2T head blogger.  She is in charge of bringing the blog awesome to Tots2Tweens on a daily basis!  She is a married mom to three cool Dudes (ages 3, 6, & 9) and one baby dog daughter.  In addition to making magic here on Tots2Tweens she also writes a pretty fan-freakin-tastic humor parenting blog called parenting BY dummies.   When she’s not bringing the pain online or chasing her Dudes up and down a field of some sort she is behind her camera capturing memories for gorgeous people with her Maryland photography business.  She also enjoys reality TV (she was even on a show once!), baked goodness, and watching other people take long walks on the beach.

3 Responses to “Blog Awesome Challenge. Meet Our Experts!”

  1. Awesome. You blogging geniuses are my hero’s! :)

  2. Checking out some of these bloggers now!! :) can’t wait for this challenge.

  3. oh my. i am honored to be on this list of experts, but more excited to learn from the other 3! also, in retrospect, i don’t believe that i am actually very good at writing my own “short and sweet bios” seeing as how i am now realizing that “self-deprecating” sounds a lot like “self-defecating”! lol! see you guys next week!

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