Meet a Mom Monday. DC Metro Mom Blogger Ciao Mom.

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Been keeping up with our Get Your Body Back Challenge?

Then you’ve probably already met today’s featured mom, Elena, from Ciao Mom who also founded a wonderfully inspiring site for women called Just. Be. Enough.

Based in the DC Metro area, Elena is a working mom from Northern Virginia who blogs, runs, and spends her free time with her husband and beautiful daughter.

Let’s get to know her better!

Name: Elena Sonnino

Home: Fairfax, VA

Owner of: Ciao Mom and Just. Be. Enough

Meet the family: One husband (because really, who needs more than that?!), and one fun loving daughter

Why we love her: Aside from being one of the most friendly people I’ve meet in ages, Elena’s personal blog, is informative and fun as she shares her fun activities raising a child in the DC Metro area.  Just. Be. Enough is an amazing community of women filled with encouragement and support for anyone going through the struggles and experiencing the joy of motherhood.  Moms everywhere should know that it’s okay to Just. Be. Enough and Elena started a site, a movement designed to ensure that they do!

Why she wants you to check out her site: Nothing is too personal, especially when it is honest and tells a story.  Ciao Mom is a traveling journey, through life’s moments. From fitness to travel to family, each moment tells a story.

How to beat Mom Guilt

By remembering that imperfection is a gift, because it means that I get to live each day, striving to do better. I also know that I could let myelf feel guilty, but in the long run, that will hurt my daughter more than my trying to the best mom I can be, without constantly berating myself for what I did not get to.  

On Finding Balance and Pursuing Passion

I work full time as a teacher. I spend time at lunch writing, and then again when my daughter is doing her homework, and often into the evening after her bed time.  Finding time to workout, to enjoy quality time with my husband, and the occasional moment of me time is a struggle that I strive for every day.   Finding the balance and the time between my real life career and my virtual passion that I dream of making my career. I get spoiled over the summer when I am not working and can spend more time engaging online. Going back to work in the fall or after school vacations is always a reality check.  

Thinking of starting a blog?  Here are some tips:

Start small, know your passion, and stay true to yourself. Blogging can be overwhelming and as women we tend to compare ourselves to others. Our sites and brands are unique because they represent us.  Learning from each other can make us stronger, but staying true to what is important to us and knowing our individual priorities make us who we are.  

Keep up with Elena online by following her on Twitter @CiaoMom or hanging out with her on the Ciao Mom Facebook Fan page.

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