Meet a Mom Monday: DC Metro Blogger Jodifur

Posted by amandar in Blog, meet a mom on Mon, Jan 9, 2012

Meet a Mom Monday is back!

And, to officially kick off our Get Your Body Back Challenge, we are featuring one of the lovely ladies who will be sharing their healthy living wisdom with all of our participants in our community.

So hop over and join us there for some fun, support, and tips for getting and staying healthy in 2012.

And, be sure to enter to win a $75 from MOMS Organic Market by becoming a member of Tots2Tweens.

But, before you do, meet Jodifur…

Name: Jodi

Home: outside of DC

Owner of: awesome type blog called Jodifur which she’s been nurturing for the past 5 years

Meet the family: Wife to one, mom to another (6 year old male child)

Why we love her:  Because she loves shoes and so do we!  And also, her blog is witty, fun, and the kind of sarcastic that lets you know she’d actually be funny in person (and, she totally is).

Why she wants you to check out her site: Jodifur started as a “parenting blog” and has now moved to a no nice memoir blog. It covers everything from parenting, to fashion, to politics, to health and wellness to my daily ridiculous antics. And of course, the shoes.

On parenting and stuff

No parenting book will tell you how to parent YOUR child. You parent the child you have. You have the right instincts. Listen to them. Also, you need a break, take it.

I’m not a helicopter mom and I’m not a free range mom. I believe in good manners and consistent discipline. But I also believe that children are who they are, and to a certain extent you can only do so much.

On keeping the romance alive with your spouse

Date nights. Find a babysitter and get out of the house. And if you can’t find a babysitter turn the computer off, put the kids to bed, open a bottle of wine (if you are so inclined), and make a nice dinner. It is important to make the time for the two of you.

On starting a blog

I started reading blogs when I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant. My husband felt that I read so many blogs I might as well write one. I always harbored a secret desire to be a writer, and my childhood nickname was jodifur. I had a name, and a blog was born.

I don’t think you can start a blog thinking you are going to be the next big thing. You have to blog because you like it. Write what you like, deliver consistently good content, and the readers will come.

Want to connect with Jodi online?

Come join her in the Get Your Body Back Community, stalk her on Twitter @jodifur, or become a Jodifur fan on Facebook.

And be sure to head over to blog too.  Here are a few of our favorite posts…

About Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is your friendly, neighborhood T2T head blogger.  She is in charge of bringing the blog awesome to Tots2Tweens on a daily basis!  She is a married mom to three cool Dudes (ages 3, 6, & 9) and one baby dog daughter.  In addition to making magic here on Tots2Tweens she also writes a pretty fan-freakin-tastic humor parenting blog called parenting BY dummies.   When she’s not bringing the pain online or chasing her Dudes up and down a field of some sort she is behind her camera capturing memories for gorgeous people with her Maryland photography business.  She also enjoys reality TV (she was even on a show once!), baked goodness, and watching other people take long walks on the beach.

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