Choosing the best playset for your family

Posted by Robert Unger in Uncategorized on Wed, Jan 18, 2012

 There are several key factors parents should consider before purchasing a playset for their children. We will look more closely at the most common & important considerations parents face as they consider the best swing set for their family.  

Remember, your children will grow, but your playset will not.  Shop as if your kids are a few years older, so you purchase a swingset that they can grow into, and not out of.  The taller the set, the more fun playing on the swings and slides becomes as your child grows…and the longer they will use the set.  Make sure your playset provides you the ability to add options, such as monkey bars, as they become age appropriate. If shopping for a playset at an indoor location, don’t let the sizes of the units scare you.  Playsets seem big when they are inside.  Have an idea of your yard space before shopping so you don’t end up with something too big for the area or worse yet, too small for your kids to enjoy as they grow. 

All playsets look nice in pictures, but a picture can’t show you its quality. When a playset is displayed on racks, shelving, or through pictures only, it is next to impossible to test for its strength and stability. Be sure to personally “test-play” the playset before purchasing. YOU & your children should climb up the forts, swing on the swings, and slide down the slides. If you can’t try it, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

While playsets are made of various materials, the most durable & long lasting  playsets are built from redwood, cedar or cunninghamia lumbers.  Don’t rely completely on the manufacturer’s websites for your research.  Check out consumer review sites to see if the manufacturer has recurring complaints about quality or warranty issues. Ultimately, your friends & neighbors can provide you with first hand valuable advice.

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