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Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog on Sat, Dec 10, 2011

It’s been a rough couple of days. I don’t know why really, just in a funk I guess. There seems to be so much going on and the stress is running high. I guess that’s because of the “holidays”…it’s supposed to be a time of appreciating the year, looking back with fondness, enjoying the family and relishing in the fact that we have made it another year. I definitely need to keep reminding myself of that. Instead right now, I am in the hunt for the perfect gifts, trying to get as much business in the door before everyone closes shop for the year and looking for ways to make sure every parent in our coverage area knows about (if any of you out there have hints on how I can do that – affordably – please let me know!)…I’ll get there – eventually!!

So in the midst of all this – I thought to myself – I need a laugh – something light-hearted that will change the course of the day…and here’s what I got…


Mom (9:15 am):  I’ve got to do wash.  Do you want your shorts washed?

Steve:  Which shorts?

Mom:  The ones in the dirty clothes.

Steve:  No, that’s where I keep my clean shorts.

Mom:  Smart a$$!

Mom (1:28 pm):  I’ve got to the wash.

Steve:  OK.

Mom:  (4:33 pm):  I’m going to do the wash.

Steve:  Do you want me to do it?

Mom: No, you won’t separate the colors.

Steve:  True.

Mom (9:03 pm while we are sitting in the garage):  As soon as I go in I’m doing the wash.

Steve:  OK.

9:08 pm:  Mom and Steve come into the house and Mom lays down on couch to watch TV.

Steve:  Are you going to do the wash?

Mom:  I forgot.  Do you want your shorts washed?

Steve:  God help me.

P. S.  Wash completed the next morning.

It was exactly what I needed! Mom’s always know, don’t they?? :)

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