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Happy Monday, readers.

Or, maybe it’s just Monday?!

Either way, we have a happy little treat today: an out of DC mom blogger who we’d like to introduce you to!

That’s what we love about mom blogs anyway, that no matter how many miles separate you physically, you can connect online over motherhood!

So, meet our friend, Jen!

Name: Jennifer Williams

Home: The Lonestar State otherwise known as Texas

Owner of: Momma Made It Look Easy

Meet the Family: Married with kids.  Two actually.  A boy and a girl.

Why we love her: Because she’s a storyteller.  A heartfelt, funny, go big or go home kinda storyteller who puts it all out there and leaves nothing to the imagination.  Okay, she leaves some things to the imagination.  But, she does a good job of telling the whole story so you can get all of the feeling and the fun out of the moment.  And also, she gives great advice.  She has a blog that is a community.  Where people go and share and get a response.  You don’t have to be a blogger to love her!

Why she wants you to check out her site: I write about navigating the world of being a mom to two small children and surviving the ups and downs of being married to my high school sweetheart all while balancing a full time job outside of the home. If you’ve ever been baptized in pee, puke and poop all before eight in the morning, if you ever get so frustrated with your husband you want to send him to the moon (but still love him there and back), if you sometimes feel like you are all alone in a sea of madness and/or perfection… well then you can probably relate to my blog.

On Finding Joy in the Unexpected

Ten years ago I was working for a big four accounting firm in Houston as an Internal Auditor. I was hardly ever home because I traveled almost 100% of the time. I would fly out on Monday morning and come home Friday evening. At that point we had been trying to get pregnant for about four years with no luck. I desperately wanted a baby, but thought it might never happen.

Now I’m the mom of a seven year old girl and a three year old boy. We moved back to our very small home town and I work as an Auditor for a local university. I never travel and took a huge cut in pay and benefits. I’m also a million times happier and often wonder how I got to be so lucky.

Being the Perfect New Mom?

Relax and follow your instincts. Everyone you know, every stranger you meet, and every book you read is going to have advice on how you should be a mother. The person you really need to listen to is yourself. No one knows how to take care of your baby like you do. And when you don’t know what to do and are at the end of your rope? Ask for help. The perfect mom is a myth, and we all need an extra hand every now and then.

How to Find Balance & Time for You

My tagline for my blog is “Finding the balance. Mom. Work. Life.” I’m pretty sure that “balance” is a myth. You can’t give all of those things equal treatment all the time. The key is to learn to give them all the attention they need when they need it. Sometimes that means taking a sick or vacation day to stay home with your kids, but sometimes it means getting your spouse to do it so that you can finish up a project at the office.

The last few months I’ve started an effort to really take care of myself. Now that I’m 40 I’ve realized that I need to put more time into me. I go to an exercise class for an hour two to three times a week (I want to up that). Once every couple of months or so I’ll arrange to go to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends. Or sometimes it can be something as simple as going to the grocery store alone. I just try to be creative with the time that I have.

Heading over to read more?!

Start here…

You can also find Jen Tweeting it up on Twitter as @MomMadeItLookEZ and collecting fans on Facebook at Mom Made It Look EZ.

Want to be featured on the Tots2Tweens meet a mom series?! Leave a comment & we’ll get in touch!


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