Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog on Wed, Oct 26, 2011

We’re getting there…we really are…it definitely seems like I am standing in quicksand at times, but everything is going in the right direction. After this week, I know things will settle down and I’ll be able to get more of a routine. I was at the bank yesterday and the woman said, “You look tired.” I mean seriously?? Come on ladies – we need to support one another – is that the best thing you could say?? I know she was trying to be supportive – but in a back-handed kind of way! Yes, I am tired. I am trying to keep up with everything and not doing a very good job.

What brought this post on? I just took a photo of myself on my webcam because I can’t get my lovely, professionally shot photograph to come up as my Avatar on my own daggone website…of course, the photo is horrible and OF COURSE it worked! I have inserted the photo here just to prove that I don’t ALWAYS look so tired.

And you know what? I am too tired to care —– today! (But I can tell you that darn photo will be down soon!)

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